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Thursday 25th August 2016
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LISTEN: 'I Steal Because My Benefits Were Cut'

Monday 20th January 2014

A woman phoned LBC 97.3 to admit that she shoplifts because her benefits have been cut.


James O'Brien was asking what the reason is for the rise in stealing from shops.

Julie, a 56-year-old lady from Kingston, called to say that she has been shoplifting for a year after her benefits were sanctioned for nine months.

She told us she had never broken the law before, but insists she feels let down by the government. She said: "I just do it quickly. I put it in my trolley.

"I do feel a bit of satisfaction because I feel I've been treated really horribly by society. I know it sounds awful, but I don't feel any guilt at all."

When asked if she fears the consequences of her actions, she said: "No, not really, because I'm saving a lot of money.

"I will stop... when my benefits come back. I know it's wrong. I wouldn't do it to a small business, just supermarkets that make big profits."

Julie did insist that she really wants a job, but she said the competition for positions has made that difficult. She added: "I am trying to get a job, I'm willing to do anything.

"But if I didn't steal, I'd have to get rid of my pets - I've got four cats. My father died and I had to take on his pets. I'm very soft-hearted."