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Thursday 25th August 2016
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LISTEN: Kremlin Advisor And Tory MP In Amazing On-Air Battle

Tuesday 4th February 2014

A Conservative MP and a former Kremlin advisor were involved in a remarkable on-air row after being invited to debate what should happen in Ukraine.

putin go home

Brooks Newmark and Alexander Nekrassov took part in the debate on Iain Dale At Drive on LBC.

Mr Nekrassov was asked to defend Vladimiar Putin's aggressive stance in Crimea when he criticised the west for funding the revolution in Ukraine and became involved in a screaming match with the MP.

Mr Newmark started: "Certainly, I would immediately suspend them from the G8. We should cancel the G8 meeting in Sochi. The second thing we should consider economic sanctions.

"By this, I include freezing the assets of oligarchs in London who have bank accounts and businesses here and really putting the pressure on Putin in that way."

When Mr Nekrassov was asked to respond, he said to the anger of his co-debator: "To say that Putin is trying to annex Crimea is rubbish. You can't have a tense situation which could lead to a civil war in a neighbouring country.

"We've had a very strange situation - a revolution they call it - in Kiev. We have an interim government which has no mandate, which has not been elected, which has seized power. The first decision they made was to downgrade the Russian language, which sent a very bad signal to all the Russian speakers in Ukraine.

"Then they sent those cowboys to the east of the country, pretending there was a revolution taking place there and they were thrown out. So you have to do something, you can't just let a situation like this get out of control with a country that is bordering your borders.

"What happened in Ukraine was a coup funded by the European Union directly - sending ministers to encourage the protests. How about us sending our ministers to Scotland and encouraging them to go separate? How would you take that? That was an open intervention."