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Friday 26th August 2016
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LISTEN: One Year On, Woolwich Eyewitness Remembers

Thursday 22nd May 2014

James' account from the scene of the brutal murder of Lee Rigby is quite possibly the most shocking, emotional and powerful calls LBC has ever broadcast.

Lee Rigby The young soldier was deliberately run over before being hacked to death by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale in front of horrified witnesses on 22nd May 2013.

Adebolajo was given a whole-life term for the murder and Adebowale was jailed for at least 45 years.

Before the events made themselves clear Iain Dale appealed for witnesses to contact him with more information about what was happening in Woolwich. James got in touch.

(Warning: this audio contains descriptions some people may find distressing):

James had been driving his partner to work when he stopped, to go to the aid of a car that had crashed into a pole, thinking it had been involved in an accident.

On the first anniversary of those horrific events he has spoken again to LBC's Iain Dale about what he witnessed and how it has affected his life since.