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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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LISTEN: Teacher Recalls Moment She Physically Restrains Violent Boy, 5

Friday 1st August, 2014

Listen to the moment an LBC caller describes a five year old male pupil's tantrum which was so severe, she and her colleagues were forced to physically restrain him.  


New academic figures from the Department for Education have revealed that up to 50  primary school students are suspended daily for violent behaviour against their teachers.

Data published by the Government department reveals a large number of primary teachers physically assaulted by out of control pupils who face consequences of exclusions and permanent expulsions.

Sally, a primary school teaching assistant from Clapham, recalls the horrifying moment she was forced to restrain a five year old child who had turned violent against her and two of her colleagues.

Sally says she routinely works with four and five year olds who disrupt classrooms with "biting, kicking, throwing things and pushing over furniture."

The five year old pupil Sally describes had to be restrained by three teaching assistants in a class of 29 other students.   

“If you have a child who has lost it completely, it’s very difficult to safely restrain a child like that and I literally had to sit on him to stop him from hurting anybody else. “