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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Ofsted Head Heard Michael Gove Was Leaving Live On LBC

Tuesday 15th July 2014

The Chief Inspector of Schools Sir Michael Wilshaw heard that Michael Gove had left his post as Education Secretary live on LBC.

The head of Ofsted was taking your calls when David Cameron was completing his reshuffle and it was announced that Mr Gove was leaving his post.

And this is Sir Michael's reaction when he was toid about the move: "Is he really? I'm shocked and surprised."

Mr Gove may have been labelled the least popular member of the Cabinet, but he has a fan in Sir Michael.

"I'm an admirer of Michael Gove," he said. "He's passionate about education, passionate about raising standards in this country, passionate about raising standards for poor children and those are issues that I am very concerned about as well.

"He's been a radical transformer who speaks his mind and that hasn't gone down well with some people.

"But I think the reforms he has introduced since he been Secretary of State will be lasting ones."

Sir Michael admitted he had spoken to Mr Gove just last week and he had not given any indication he was moving on.

Asked if he would call him, he said: "I certainly will. I will say 'I'm sorry you're going'."