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Saturday 27th August 2016
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London 2012 Vow To Rock The Olympic Games

Wednesday 27th June 2012

London 2012 have signed up some of the UK's biggest artists to perform during the Games - and 2012 songs have been chosen to be played at venues to add to the overall spectating experience.

Muse, Elton John v Pnau, Chemical Brothers, Delphic and Dizzee Rascal are all recording official songs - with Survival by Muse being released tonight.

Muse lead singer Matt Bellamy wrote the song with the Olympics in mind and "it's about total conviction and pure determination to win."

The songs will be played throughout the Games including when athletes enter the stadium, in the lead up to the medal ceremony and also as the theme for all international TV coverage.

Matt Bellamy said "It's a huge honour to have the track chosen as such a major part of the London 2012 Olympic Games."

LBC 97.3's been told it is one of 5 official songs for the Olympics - with The Chemical Brothers, Dizzee Rascal, Delphic and an Elton John remix as the other four, which will be released over the coming weeks.

The release dates are:

July 16 - Elton John remixed by Pnau

July 23 - Delphic

July 30 - Chemical Brothers

August 6 - Dizzee Rascal

There will also be 13 impromptu-style 'pop-up' musical performances during the Games - including by the Scissor Sisters and the Rizzle Kicks - which will take place during the live sport.

Debbie Jevans, Director of Sport said: "Inspiring people to engage with sport has always been central to our vision. There are 26 Olympic sports and many people will be seeing these for the first time so we will explain some of the intricacies in an innovative and informative way. We also want to ensure the way we present sport adds to the experience of the spectators in the venues and builds the atmosphere."

For the first time ever at a Summer Olympics, as well as PA announcers and commentators, a number of venues will have in-ear commentary available for purchase by spectators, giving access to live expert analysis of the competition.

The radio will be available for sports, like athletics and gymnastics, where a number of elements are happening simultaneously on the field of play or where there are judged elements which may not be easily understandable for those new to the sport.

All commentators will complete a workshop with the RNIB to make sure that the commentary will also be useful for sight impaired visitors.