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Friday 26th August 2016
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London Boroughs Have Highest Child Poverty Levels

Four areas of the country with the highest levels of child poverty are in London.

child povertyIt's estimated 1.6million children in the UK are so poor they lack basic things such as hot meals, proper clothes and heating. Tower Hamlets is top of the list, followed by Newham, Westminster and Hackney.

Sally Copley from Save the Children, which carried out the study, has told LBC the government must take action.

She said: "The proportion of children living in severe poverty in Tower Hamlets is 27% and 22% for Hackney. That's a high proportion. So what we're asking the Chancellor to do is one or two things in this Emergency Plan which we believe would help.

"The most important is job creation - making sure we are creating jobs in those areas where people are the in most need."

With unemployment rising and chnages to the welfare system, the charity fears the number of children living without the basics will rise unless action is taken.

Marcus Duran from Toynbee Hall, a charity that tackles poverty in Tower Hamlets, told LBC poverty affects all areas of a childs life

He stated: "It's the subtle long-term issues around how many opportunities are they getting? How available are their parents?

"One of the things I see a lot of is children who have to rush home to look after siblings, because parents may have work, but it's a one-parent home and the parents are working overnight."

The Government says it's fully committed to eradicating child poverty by 2020 and will set out their first strategy on how to do this in March.