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Saturday 27th August 2016
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London's Bendy Buses To Be Sent To Malta

Thursday 7th December 2011

London's bendy buses could be re-appearing in Malta after they vanish from the capital's streets.

bendy bus

The much-maligned buses are being replaced by Boris Johnson's new Routemaster bus and will finish service tomorrow when the final bendy bus runs on the 207 route.

However, transport group Arriva is planning to ship around a third of its 160 bendy buses to Malta, if it wins a contract to provide bus services to the island.

Many Maltese officials are baffled by the news, saying the long vehicles are far too cumbersome for the island's narrow roads.

The video below shows that the bendy buses, some of which are currently in use in the Maltese capital Valletta have significant difficulties negotiating the junctions.