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Saturday 27th August 2016
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LOOK: Walkie Talkie Building Melts Luxury Car

Monday 2nd September 2013

Drivers in London have been complaining after a number of cars and vans have melted after parking near the new 'Walkie Talkie' building in the City.Martin Lindsey outside his damaged car. Picture: Laura Lean / City AM

Martin Lindsay beside his car. Photo: Laura Lean / City AM

Martin Lindsay parked his Jaguar XJ on Eastcheap at about midday, went into a meeting, came back two and a half hours later to find people taking photos of it.

The heat from the glare of the sun reflecting off of the glass sided 200 million skyscraper had caused several parts of his car to buckle and melt.

"I've taken the car to Jaguar and Jaguar have turned round to me and said they've never seen anything like it," Martin told LBC 97.3.

"Their parts go into the oven and kilns to be sprayed and the heat in there is quite high so it really shouldn't have done this to the car.

"The people from the press who were there said they could smell the plastic burning. I don't know what heat plastic starts to burn but it must have been some tremendous heat.

"It's unbelievable."

Part of the back roof that has buckled because of the heat. Picture: Laura Lean / City AM

The back of the car has partly buckled because of the heat. Photo: Laura Lean / City AM 

It is thought that the temperature could have been anywhere between 93 and 140 degrees centigrade.

The incident cause 946 plus VAT damage - but Martin stressed that the construction companies behind the building have "been very good about it."

"I think it's just like a magnifying glass, when you're a kid. You put the magnifying glass in the sun and it reflects onto a bit of paper or something and it burns it - I think that's what's happened to my car," he said.

The mis-shapen wingmirror. Picture: Laura Lean / City AM

The wing mirror has become misshapen. Photo: Laura Lean / City AM 

There are reports now that the section of the road where his car was parked has been closed while the problem is looked into - but Martin, who also works in construction, thinks that won't be a permanent solution.

"Because the sun moves and at different times, it will be different positions on different buildings in different areas. I think they've got a bigger problem than they think. They are looking into it and they can resolve it.

"They can put film on the windows and things like that to resolve it so I don't think it's unsurmountable.

"It is because of the shape of the building if you ask me. Because the glass faces down."