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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Man Rings LBC Before Breaking Into Leveson

Monday 28th May 2012

The man arrested over breaking into the Leveson Inquiry to call Tony Blair a war-criminal called LBC 97.3 just an hour and a half beforehand.

Speaking to James O'Brien the 49-year-old - who has told reporters his name is David Lawley-Wakelin - spoke about his anger at the former Prime Minister and accused the British public of "turning a blind-eye."

He called Tony Blair a war criminal live on LBC 97.3 - the same angry claim he made in the Leveson Inquiry less than two hours later.

"This man should be arrested for war crimes. JP Morgan paid him off for the Iraq War three months after we invaded Iraq," he shouted in the High Court.

"They held up the Iraq bank for $20bn. He was then paid $6m every year and still is from JP Morgan six months after he left office. The man is a war criminal," he claimed before being pulled out by security.

Tony Blair swiftly denied the claims made by Mr Lawley-Wakelin. "Can I just say on the record what he said about Iraq and JP Morgan is completely and totally untrue. I have never had any discussion with them about that."

Lord Justice Leveson has ordered an immediate inquiry into how the anti-war protester gained access to the Royal Courts of Justice where the former Prime Minister has been giving evidece.

Ringing into LBC 97.3 to  he called himself Howard from Acton.

Listen to the call again: