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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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Met Police: Baton Rounds Ready for Student Protest

Monday 7th November 2011

Met police have told LBC 97.3 they have baton rounds, which are like rubber bullets, at their disposal should Wednesday's student protest get out of hand.

baton rounds

It follows the riots during the summer and last year's student protests.

Scotland Yard will have 4,000 officers available to police the protest, which they believe will see 10,000 students to march from Euston Road to London Wall once again demonstrating against the rise in tuition fees.

The protest is almost exactly a year after the first protest on the subject which led to violent clashes with police and the break in of a Conservative Party building on Millbank.

Officers have confirmed that they are seeing good co-operation from the organisers of this week's event and say that the baton rounds would only be used as a last resort.

It comes as more than two dozen universities have submitted plans to lower their tuition fees to below £7,500 for next year rather than the controversial top amount of £9,000.

A White Paper published this summer was used by ministers to announce that English universities who charged £7,500 or lower would be able to bid for a share of 20,000 funded student places.

The deadline for university places is less than three months away.