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Monday 29th August 2016
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Met Police Call for Ticket Tout Law

Tuesday 19th February 2013

The Met Police is calling for the law to be changed to stop people being ripped off by fake tickets sellers.

The force has revealed that more than 300 people were arrested and 137 have now been convicted as a result of an anti-fraud operation for the Olympics - but it was a temporary law only put in place for the Games.

Senior officers believe they stopped fraudsters making millions of pounds and Detective Sergeant Nick Downing says that must now become permanent.

"There needs to be preventative legislation, then disruptive action can take place - it will protect the public. While there isn't any legislation in place we believe the public are at risk.

"For music events - all the oversubscribed events - there is no legislation whatsoever. So you can go on the internet as a member of the public searching for tickets and not have a clue what is a genuine website, what is an authorised website and what actually is blatantly fraud."

The Met wants new laws to be able to tackle fruad, counterfeiting and touting, saying ticket fraud alone costs around 40 million a year.