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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Met Police Chief: Full Life Terms Put Police In Danger

Thursday 24th July 2014

A former Metropolitan Police Commissioner has told LBC introducing whole life terms for people who kill police could actually put more officers in danger.

ian blair

The measure is being introduced by an amendment to the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill, which is currently going through Parliament and Home Secretary Theresa May wants to ensure life means life.

But Lord Blair says a criminal who kills one officer could then be more likely to target others.

He told LBC: "You can bet your bottom dollar that every criminal in Britain knows that the sentence for murdering a prisoner is a very long term of imprisonment.

"What we were trying to point out to the government is that they haven't thought this through.

"They haven't thought through the mind of somebody who is trapped, who is full of loathing for the police, who knows he is going to go to prison forever and it doesn't matter if he kills more police officers or not.

"If you have a situation where the suspect has absolutely nothing to gain from not killing more people, then you're putting police officers in danger by this move."