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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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More about Steve Allen

Steve-Allen-3-sml.jpgI started working as a broadcaster at biscuit factory. No, seriously, I was a presenter on the United Biscuit Network.

I’ve also done my bit for world peace, as a United Nations sponsored presenter in Vienna. Sort of like a broadcasting UN peacekeeper. My work eventually paid off in the late 1980’s when the iron curtain finally came down, and the people of Eastern Europe were finally free to enjoy all the benefits of the west- representative democracy, free speech, and of course, reality TV.

I’ve worked at LBC since the days when we used to have wind-up microphones and the show was broadcast from a tent under the Hammersmith flyover. For some strange reason nobody quite understands, the Steve Allen show is immune to death, disease, or natural disaster. In the words of Margaret Thatcher, Steve will go on and on…