Men With Knives Stormed Into Borough Market Restaurant, Witnesses Tell LBC

4 June 2017, 00:53

Witnesses have told LBC of how a woman was stabbed in a Mexican restaurant in Borough Market.

The couple were eating at El Paso Taco in Borough Market when three men stormed through the doors.

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Speaking to LBC, they said: "Some guys ran in with knives, we managed to shut the doors and were locked inside.

"They stabbed someone, a girl, she's still in there, inside the restaurant.

"When they stabbed the girl, people started throwing things. Chairs were flying. They got the guys out, then locked the doors.

"Then we heard gunshots."

The couple were part of a group of civilians who were being escorted out of Borough Market with their hands on their heads.

Another witness, Neil, told LBC he saw two or three men in black being arrested by police just outside of Borough Market.

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