Have-A-Go Hero Tackles Man With Knife On London Bus

13 April 2017, 09:35

London bus passenger tackles 'knifeman'

Video courtesy of Break Media


This is the have-a-go hero who decided to take the law into his own hands when he saw a man armed with a knife on a bus in Stoke Newington.

The two men wrestled outside the driver's cab on the 149 bus, leaving the victim with numerous stab wounds.

The weapon being wielded by the other man appears to be a large blade, with some witnesses estimating it's 12 inches in length. After the two grapple, the man is successful in disarming the knifeman - who promptly sprints off the bus and onto the street.

As he runs away, the have-a-go hero shouts: "I am an African. You will never take my life!"

A Met Police spokeswoman said: "Police were called to Stoke Newington Road junction with Foulden Road, N16, at 1.55pm on Tuesday, 11 April, to reports of a stabbing which had occurred on a bus.

"Officers and London Ambulance Service attended and found a man in his 20s with minor lacerations to his hand and head.

"He was taken to an East London hospital where he was treated for his injuries. He has now been discharged."

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