London Traffic Halted During Escaped Pig Police Chase

12 April 2017, 18:40

Runaway Pig Chase Brings London Traffic To A Halt

This little piggy brought London traffic to a standstill...


Traffic in Redbridge was temporarily halted this afternoon as officers dealt with a rather unusual police chase.

Instead of tackling unruly crime, these policeman were left trying to stop a rampaging pig on the loose.

The out of control animal appeared to make a beeline towards a jogger, who tried to dive out of the way of the chaos unfolding in Hainault Road.

It’s not known how long it took to catch the pig, but the Met’s Road and Transport department tweeted: “Nothing to see here - just east traffic officers chasing a pig who then decides to chase after a passing jogger in.

Watch the action unfold above.

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