Four-Year-Old's 999 Call Saves His Mum's Life: LISTEN

22 March 2017, 14:44

This is the emergency call from a brave four-year-old boy which saved his mummy's life.

The boy, Roman, called 999 from his mum's iPhone on Tuesday 7th March when she collapsed, having used her thumb to unlock the phone and using Siri to call police.

After the call handler asked him where his mummy was, the boy responded that he thought she was dead because "she's closing her eyes and she's not breathing".

She then established where the boy was and local officers and an ambulance were immediately dispatched.

Thirteen minutes after receiving the call, officers forced entry and found the boy with his twin brother and younger brother with their mum, who was lying unconscious on the floor. Paramedics gave her life-saving first aid and she was taken to hospital after regaining consciousness at the home.

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