TfL’s New Tube Map Is Made To Help People With Anxiety

5 July 2017, 14:51

New TfL map for people with anxiety

Suffer with anxiety or claustrophobia? There’s now a specially designed Tube map to help your get around London.

TfL has published a new version of its iconic map which points out where each line travels through a tunnel and for how long.

It’s been made to try and make life easier for passengers who aren’t comfortable travelling underground.

Despite it’s name, more than half of the Tube network’s 270 stations are above ground.

London Underground station

The Victoria and Waterloo and City lines are the only lines which are wholly underground.

Mark Evers from TfL described how making the Tube accessible for everyone is their “top priority”.

He said: This new map is just one of the tools we have created in response to feedback from our customers on how we can make the transport network more accessible, making travelling easier and more comfortable for all our customers."

So, if you know somebody who might find the new map useful, you can download it here.

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