Thursday's Tube Strike: Which Lines Are Running?

29 September 2017, 13:02

London is set for a tube strike on Thursday
London is set for a tube strike on Thursday. Picture: PA

The entire Tube network will be shut down next week by a 24-hour strike by drivers.

Members of the Aslef union are due to walk out on Thursday in a row over working conditions.

London Underground has warned of severe disruption.

Tube Strike: How To Get Around London

- The strike is due to start at midnight on Thursday 5th October and will run for 24 hours.

- Some Tube services may finish earlier on Wednesday 4 October and start later on Friday 6 October.

- All underground lines will be suspended.

- The London Overground and DLR will continue to run as usual, but are expected to be much busier than usual.

Getting to Wembley will be difficult on Thursday for the England-Slovenia game
Getting to Wembley will be difficult on Thursday for the England-Slovenia game. Picture: PA

How To Get To Wembley During The Tube Strike

The strike will hit football fans travelling to Wembley for England's World Cup qualifier against Slovenia.

TfL warned that other transport services will be busier than usual as passengers seek alternative routes.

Bus services are likely to be "exceptionally" busy across the capital and they are urging people to walk if possible.

Road journeys could also take significantly longer than normal, so people were advised to drive through central London only if "absolutely necessary".

Extra buses and Santander Cycle hubs will be provided should the strike go ahead and TfL is exploring options to help get supporters to Wembley Stadium.

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