WATCH: Cyclist "Gets Revenge" On Van Driver - But Is It Fake?

22 February 2017, 10:31

Cyclist wing mirror

A female cyclist got her own back on a catcalling van driver by ripping off the wing mirror of his van - although some are now claiming it's all a hoax.

The remarkable moment was captured on a GoPro camera by a following motorcyclist. Some eyewitnesses have now told newspapers it was a set-up but the video has already gone viral and sparked a huge debate on everyday sexism.

WARNING: Video contains strong language

Cyclist Gets Her Own Back On Leacherous Van Driver


Video: Viral Thread

The female cyclist gives the van driver very short shrift when he asked for her number.

He responded: "That’s not very ladylike, is it? What charm school did you go to?" And when she reacted badly to that, he snarled: "Shut up you old dog, you on your period?"

The van driver drove off, but the angry cyclist followed and caught up when he pulled up at the side of the road.

She then rips off the wing mirror and hurls it to the ground before cycling away. The motorcyclist following told the van driver: "That's exactly what you deserve, you scum."

Questions have been asked about whether the video is fake. It was posted by Jungle Creations, who specialise in "creating and curating" viral videos.

Who do you think is most in the wrong - the van driver or the cyclist? Vote below.

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