Police Bodycam Captures Moment Sex Attacker Tries To Flee

21 April 2017, 12:18

Suspected Sex Offender Tries To Evade Police


Jakub Kowalczyk subjected an Ealing woman to a terrifying attack and when confronted by police, he made a desperate attempt to escape - only to be grabbed by the officers giving chase.

He's now been sentenced to six years for the attempted rape on the woman, a 41-year-old who he dragged into a garden in the early hours of Sunday, 12 February.

He pinned the victim to the ground but her cries for help alerted passers-by, a number of whom contacted the police. Kowalcyzk then emerged from the undergrowth, carrying the woman over his shoulder.

A member of the public challenged him and the attacker stopped. Police officers then arrived at the scene and were beginning to question Kowalcyzk when he sprinted away.

The video shows the officers giving chase and eventually trapping him, using the threat of their tasers to get him to stop. Fortunately he victim was not injured, but was left distressed and requiring medical assistance.

DC Alan Wong said "Kowalczyk carried out a terrifying attack on a lone and vulnerable woman.

Thankfully members of the public heard her calls for help and called police; while other members of the public directly challenged him.

"I want to sincerely thank them for their assistance that night and the overwhelming evidence they subsequently provided.

As a result, Kowalczyk has now been brought to justice and deservedly imprisoned for this despicable act."

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