Grenfell Resident Pleads Day Of Rage Protesters To Remain Peaceful

21 June 2017, 14:28

A Grenfell resident begs with protesters not to turn violent during the Day Of Rage march following the Grenfell Tower Fire.

Grenfell Resident Begs Day Of Rage Protesters To Remain Peaceful

Grenfell Resident Begs Day Of Rage Protesters To Remain Peaceful


Zeyad, who lives near Grenfell, claims that "rage is not going to bring us answers" in a plea to fellow residents to not make the Day Of Rage protest turn violent.

People gathered to listen as he begged those taking part in the protest to "not ruin it" by turning the march violent.

Zeyed voiced his fears of the march being hijacked by people who "are not even from this community", using the march as an excuse to create violence.

His plea took place during The Day of Rage march, in which protesters make their way from North Kensington towards Parliament.

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