Rachel Johnson: 'Theresa May Is A Victim Of The Grenfell Fire As Well'

17 June 2017, 09:31

Rachel Johnson: 'Theresa May Is A Victim Of The Grenfell Fire As Well'


Journalist and sister to Boris Johnson, Rachel Johnson, said she felt sorry for the Prime Minister following the backlash she has received to the Grenfell Tower fire.

Rachel Johnson spoke to Andrew Castle following the horrific fire at Grenfell Tower, where so far 30 have been confirmed dead. 

Yesterday (Friday) angry crowds stormed the Kensington town hall in protest, after claims negligence was the cause of the inferno. 

Theresa May has also been the subject of backlash, with many criticising her response to the tragic incident.

Rachel Johnson, who lives nearby, said that she feels the level of criticism of Theresa May is unfair - and told Andrew Castle she also feels Theresa May is a victim. 

Listeners were not happy with her comments, and took to Twitter to express their dismay. 


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