Brexit is banned! Tatler's dinner party guide keeps EU talk off the menu

5 February 2018, 10:04

One topic of conversation should be kept firmly off the menu, according to a newly-published list of dinner party commandments: Brexit.

A "moratorium" on any talk around the still divisive EU referendum is now a necessity for those hoping to host a successful soiree, according to high-society experts Tatler magazine.

Its 12-step guide to hosting dinner parties - which the publication says is making a comeback - says that any mention of the B word is a big no-no.

"Until now it has never been acceptable to veto the conversation," the guide states. "But in these troubled times it is advisable to impose a Brexit moratorium. Nothing else is out of bounds."

Group emails are also now a social faux pas, according to the guide. It says hosts must ensure there is an air of mystery about the event.

The magazine suggests having a mixture of friends, strangers, singles and couples on the guest list to ensure a delicate balance. It firmly places a ban on all children: they are allowed to say hello for a maximum of five minutes and are prohibited from any kind of performance.

According to Tatler's rules, parties should start at 8pm for 8.30pm and dinner should be served at 8.45pm - serving up after 9pm is "unacceptable".

Men should wear jackets and women should wear frocks and heels. Female guests should never be asked to take their shoes off as it will "ruin her outfit and her night".

The guide also recommends a round table for good conversations but also suggests seating men and women opposite each other - side by side along a long table - to create a flirtatious atmosphere.

It also says hosts should not worry about catering for vegans or those who cannot consume gluten as they "should eat before and never mention it".

Leaving a party before 11pm is also prohibited as it suggests the event was unsuccessful.

:: The 12 commandments