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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Nick Clegg: I'd Pour A Pint Over Boris's Blond Mop

Thursday 14th March 2013

In his weekly radio show on LBC 97.3 the Deputy Prime Minister has admitted he would probably pour a drink on the Mayor of London following his disparaging comments.

LBC's Nick Ferrari during Call Clegg: "Who would you rather have a drink with: Boris Johnson of Theresa May?"

The Deputy Prime Minister launghed saying "I'm not going to get into this, I can see the headlines!"

But then went on: "Actually after some of the things that Boris Johnson has said about me recently - I'd probably pour the drink over his blonde mop! [laughs]"

It follows the Mayor of London labelling Mr Clegg a "wobbling jelly of indecision" in the run up to the Eastleigh by-election.

He made the comment while in the area to show his support for Conservative candidate Maria Hutchings.

The incident came up on air as the Deputy Prime Minister was pushed on if he would ever try and reform a coalition away from the Conservatives following political disagreements with prominent Torys such as Ms May.

Mr Clegg denied that would happen.

"David Cameron is going to remain Prime Minister for the duration of this Parliament, I'm going to remain Deputy Prime Minister, because we made a commitment commitment to the British people," he said.

"It was an important commitment which was 'look we've got to do things differently for this Parliament to steer this country through this difficult time' and I personally think the British public won't be very interested of tolerent of political parties that start speaking to themselvesrather than fixing the problems of their country."