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Friday 26th August 2016
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O'Brien's MP Expenses Roll of Dishonour

James-O'Brien-2Following the scandal of the MPs' expenses, James O'Brien polled listeners on the most shamed members of Parliament and has compiled his Roll of Dishonour.

See who has "triumphed" in his list below.

1) Michael Martin
The Speaker of the House of Commons, who thinks that the worst aspect of this controversy is the leaking of the expenses information to the newspapers. Add that to his appalling rebuke of Kate Hoey in parliament and he gets the top spot in our Roll of Dishonour.

2) Hazel Blears
The Communities Secretary was forced to pay back £13,332 made by avoiding capital gains tax on her London home. And yet she thought that her repayment was a good time for a photo opportunity.

3) James Gray
The Conservative MP for North Wiltshire claimed £60 for three wreaths he laid in Remembrance Day ceremonies. When his expense was refused, he then claimed that this left him "out of pocket".

4) Sir David Heathcoat-Amery
Heathcoat-Amery claimed for more than £380 of horse manure for his garden. You all tell me that usually you can go and pick it up from stables for free.

5) Ann Keen

Ms Keen is my local MP and therefore has to make the list. Keen and her husband, also an MP, both claimed for the same London flat, despite the fact they only live in Brentford, a 30 minute drive from Westminster. My offer for her to come on the show and explain herself will always be open.