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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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PC Blakelock's Widow To Make Emotional Appeal

Wednesday 14th May 2014

The widow of a police officer murdered nearly 30 years ago during rioting in north London is appealing for anyone who knows who killed him to come forward.

PC Keith Blakelock.JPG PC Keith Blakelock was set upon by an angry mob armed with sticks and knives as he tried to protect firefighters during the Broadwater Farm riot in 1985. The married father of three boys was stabbed dozen of times and there was an attempt to chop off his head.

His wife, Elizabeth Johnson, will tonight make an emotional TV appeal for witnesses to come forward to bring those responsible to justice.

In an interview that will be aired on ITV news this evening, she explained how she is still haunted by the brutality of her husband's death.

"We lost Keith but then learning how we lost him. I find that very, very difficult and not right," she admitted.

"You go out looking for a uniform, a policeman, such as Keith, who all his career just helped people. You wouldn't do that to an animal, let alone a human being.

"That human being was lying there begging you, please, begging you for his life. And still, you went at him with whatever implements, weapons. You've deprived these boys of a father. Why? Why?"

She has called for those who know the identity of PC Blakelock's killers to tell police.

"I would just please ask you to search your heart and please come forward with any information. You can never give up hope, then you give up everything. Everything we have been fighting for all these years. None of us will ever give up, no matter what. None of us will give up."

There have been three high profile investigations into the murder however his killers have yet to be brought to justice.

Last month Nicky Jacobs, who was just 16 at the time, was cleared of murder at the Old Bailey.

Anyone with information about Pc Blakelock's death should contact the Blakelock incident room on 020 8203 4617.