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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Peter Hitchens On Cameron’s ‘Delusional' Case For War

Thursday 26th November 2015

Listen as Peter Hitchens dismantles David Cameron’s justification for intervention in the Syrian conflict.

The polemicist has taken a unexpectedly dovish line on intervention in Syria. Listen as he tells LBC’s James O’Brien why he thinks Cameron is delusional.     

“He has just invented 70 thousand, supposedly moderate non-Islamist Syrians who are going to spring to our side once we start bombing,” he said.

He said the case for war is on even shoddier foundations than that which preceded the 2003 Iraq War.

“He still believes, for reasons I don’t fully understand, that the Assad regime is uniquely intolerable.”

“An odd position for a man to take who recently entertained the butcher of Tiananmen Square at Number 10 and the butcher of Cairo at Buckingham Palace.”

Hitchens thinks that a better response would be to side with the Syrian government, Kurds and Iranian-backed Shia militias such as Hezbollah to truly win against ISIS.

Listen as the unpredictable commentator makes his case.