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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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PICTURED: Plans To Turn Battersea Into Las Vegas

Tuesday 13th May 2014

These are the remarkable plans to turn the Battersea Power Station into a pleasure venue to match Las Vegas.

The Battersea
The Battersea. Image:

John Broome's plans to turn the ailing area into the "World's Greatest Theme Park" have been uncovered after sitting in a shed for 20 years.

The leisure impressario's plans included several roller coasters, a huge ice rink, a waterfall and an oceanarium so big it could be explored using mini-submarines.

The Battersea
The world's biggest oceanarium. Image:

'The Battersea' was planned to open in 1990 and "generate excitement, thrills, fun and pleasure in a safe weather-proof environment. A new Palace of Entertainment for London!"

Unfortunately for Mr Broome, the recession hit in the early 1990s and the architect's plans turned out to be unachievable.

The Battersea
Submarines on the boating lake. Image:

There was even a sustainable transport plan to get visitors to The Battersea - a high-speed train, with services every eight minutes speeding from Victoria in just 3.5 minutes.

Mr Broome's plans were for windowless trains with wrap-around video screens, giving passengers the illusion of travelling at supersonic speed.

The Battersea
Las Vegas-style fountains. Image:

But Mr Broome's son Will, CEO of, revealed the outlandish plans were remarkably close to happening.

He said: "The glass elevator shafts were on site, the entire design team had decamped from Dallas, Texas and were housed within the Power Station.

"The entire building was gutted and ready to go. I remember meeting the guys who had just designed the mine-train set for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which epitomised the sheer scale of the project and the aura that surrounded it."

The Battersea
Pleasure arena. Image: