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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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Police Targeting Cyclists Who Break The Law

Monday 18th November 2013

Police have stopped hundreds of cyclists who were breaking the law, following a string of deaths in London.

police cyclists

The Met's Safer Transport Command were pulling over people who jump red lights or who aren't wearing a helmet.

LBC 97.3's Tom Swarbrick was with them and reports: "In three areas around Central London with more than 50 officers on patrol, the Met's Safer Transport Command are stopping those cyclists who aren't taking safety seriously.

"As well as being educated on road safety, these cyclists can also be issued with a 50 fine if they are found to not comply with minimum safety requirements."

Police were stopping around one cyclist per minute at the three key junctions in central London, including Vauxhall Bridge Road, where a woman was involved in a collision with a bus last week.

Chief-Superintendent Glyn Jones, who is in charge of the operation, told us: "If you're going to cycle in London, wear a helmet, wear high-vis, make sure your bike has the right lights, don't wear headphones and obey the rules of the road.

"That way you will be a lot safer."

Cyclists who were seen not wearing a helmet were educated by police on the safety benefits of wearing one, but were not issued with a fine as this is not a requirement by law.

As well as cyclists, 20 HGVs were stopped and 60 offences were found to be committed, including vehicles in dangerous condition and drivers who had been working too long.

Five cyclists were killed in just nine days on London's roads following collisions with buses or lorries.