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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Police Release Plebgate CCTV Of Mitchell Clash

Monday 1st September 2014

The Met Police has released for the first time details of misconduct proceedings against officers involved in the plebgate scandal.

Full CCTV footage of the argument between Andrew Mitchell and police at the gates of Downing Street has also been made available.

Mr Mitchell, then Chief Whip for the Government, got into a row with officers after they refused to open the Downing Street gates for him on his bike.

He was alleged to have sworn at the police and called them plebs, but the officers' account started to unravel when CCTV appeared to contradict their version of events.

mitchell cctv

LBC's Tom Swarbrick reports: "It's an unusual step, but today the Met has released previously unseen material including CCTV footage of the moment Andrew Mitchell left the gates of Downing Street on his bike.

"They also outline the scale of the Operation into the so-called "Plebgate affair", saying over 1,000 statements were taken, 439 exhibits were seized and 78 relevant submissions including laptops, mobile phones and computers.

"The investigation led to the dismissal fo 4 offices, one of whom was sent to prison."

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Patricia Gallan, who led the Operation Alice investigation, said:
"The police service is here to serve the public, without fear or favour, with honesty and integrity. Where our staff fall short of those standards they must be held to account.

"We wanted these discipline boards to be held in public, but legally we were unable to direct that this happened.

"Ultimately four police officers have been dismissed from the MPS, one of whom was sent to prison. Every serving police officer has cause to feel let down by those colleagues who fall below the standards we all strive to uphold."

Constable Keith Wallis was jailed for 12 months after admitting sending an email in which he falsely claimed to be an ordinary member of the public who had witnessed the incident.

Following intense pressure, Mr Mitchell resigned from his post and has been serving as a backbench MP.