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May and Corbyn left bruised after General Election TV showdown

4 hours ago

Theresa May Jeremy Corbyn

May V Corbyn - The Battle For Number 10: Watch Here

9 hours ago

nick ferrari amber rudd

Nick Ferrari's Tenacious Interview With Amber Rudd

19 hours ago

Diane Abbott Afro

Does Diane Abbott Regret IRA Comments? "34 Years Ago, I Had An Afro"

1 day ago

Claims of splits in May's team dismissed as 'tittle tattle'

1 day ago

Iain Duncan Smith On Corbyn

Iain Duncan Smith's Scathing Attack On Corbyn for 'Politicising Manchester Attack'

2 days ago

Iain Dale and Iain Duncan Smith

"How Can We Believe A Word You Say?" Iain Locks Horns With IDS Over Manifesto

2 days ago

Diane Abbott and Iain Dale

Iain Quizzed Diane Abbott About Her Track Record And She Wasn't Happy About It

2 days ago

Labour pledges to divert football's TV money to grassroots

3 days ago

Paddy Ashdown Jeremy Corbyn

Paddy Ashdown Accuses Jeremy Corbyn Of “Reinforcing Isis’ Message”

3 days ago


The LBC Election Bot: Get Informed About The Election

3 days ago

FTSE 100 hits new high as the value of the pound drops

3 days ago

James O'Brien Jeremy Corbyn

James O’Brien’s Fascinating Theory On Jeremy Corbyn’s Poll Surge

3 days ago

Paul Nuttall Ukip

Ukip Manifesto: We Read It So You Don't Have To

3 days ago

NHS 'at breaking point' after 'one of worst winters', warns BMA

4 days ago

Nigel Farage confession

The One Ukip Manifesto Policy Nigel Farage Doesn’t Agree With

4 days ago