Diane Abbott Slates Tory Campaign 'Of Personal Destruction' In Victory Speech

9 June 2017, 10:23

Defiant Diane Abbott Slams Tory 'Campaign Of Personal Destruction'

Diane Abbott attacks 'politics of personal destruction' following her victory in Hackney


The victorious Diane Abbott kept her Labour seat in Hackney - and used her winning speech to send a defiant message.

Labour's Diane Abbott kept her seat in Hackney North and Stoke Newington with a record majority - and made a damning statement about the Tory campaign during her victory speech.  

She said: "The Conservative Party fought a campaign characterised by the politics of personal destruction, and yet the British people have seen past that. 

"In Hackney they have supported our Labour campaign, which was a positive campaign, addressing the issues that concern the people here in Hackney, whether it is the state of our NHS, whether it is the housing crisis, whether it's the benefit cuts, we fought a positive campaign here in Hackney, and we have been vindicated. 

"You know, they said that if Labour fought this general election on a progressive manifesto, we would be swept away by a Conservative landslide. 

"They said if we fought this general election under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, we would be annihilated. But I am proud to say, even at this point, we have seen how the British people of all ages, of all classes, of all creeds, of all colours, have rallied to a positive message, and rallied to the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. Thank you."

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