Alex Salmond Cools On SNP Pursuing Second Independence Referendum

9 June 2017, 05:38

Alex Salmond cools on SNP pursuing second referendum

Alex Salmond doesn't commit the SNP to pursuing a second referendum, but says Theresa May must consider her position after failing to get a majority.


Speaking after losing his seat in Gordon, the former SNP leader said it was up to Nicola Sturgeon to decide the SNP direction - and that Theresa May must consider resigning.

"Is this the end of Scottish independence?" Iain Dale asked Mr Salmond.

The big beast of Scottish politics, who tonight lost his seat in Westminster, was not his usual bold self: "Nicola will decide her own strategy in terms of timing," he said.

"I was expecting you to say 'no, of course this is not the end of Scottish independence, of course we will continue pushing for a second referendum." Iain said.

"I want Nicola Sturgeon to decide the strategy of the Scottish National Party, as it should be," Mr Salmond made clear.

On the point of the party leader, Mr Salmond backed her to stay in her post, despite the party losing 20 seats. He said that the 34 seats the party achieved was still a majority in the Scottish parliament, which was the most important thing.

One person who failed in that regard was Theresa May.

"It's political leaders who fail to get a majority of seats that have to consider their positions. And that might be what's happening to Theresa May in the next few hours."

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