Vince Cable Suggests Lib Dems Could Support A Labour Minority Government

2 June 2017, 15:46

Vince Cable has told LBC the Liberal Democrats will not enter a coalition in the event of a hung parliament but instead work on a “vote-by-vote” basis.

Recent polls have suggested the Conservatives may lose their majority following Thursday’s general election with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour gaining seats.

However, the former business secretary told Andrew Castle, unlike in 2010 - there would be no coalition this time round.

Mr Cable instead suggested his party could support a Corbyn minority government on individual pieces of legislation.

“It’s not necessary and we won’t go down the coalition route,” he said.

“We wouldn’t prop up a government, we’d look at measure-by-measure, we’d look at it on its merits and actually that might provide better governments.”

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