Oops! “Oscar Moment” At Election Count After Wrong Candidate Is Declared The Winner

9 June 2017, 15:11

This the moment an election count in Mansfield suffered its very own Oscar gaffe when the returning officer announced the wrong winner.

Mansfield&squot;s Election Result "Moonlight Moment"

Mansfield's Election Result "Moonlight Moment"


Jacqueline Collins accidentally announced Labour candidate Sir Alan Meale had won - despite the constituency turning blue for the first time in its history.

After a few seconds passed, Ms Collins corrected her mistake after being cheered by the crowd in front of her.

Election count

She said: “I’m so sorry, I declare that Benjamin David Bradley has been elected and I do apologise.”

The mishap bore a similarity to this year’s Oscars ceremony when La La Land was named Best Picture - despite the award actually being won by Moonlight.

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