Salmond And Gove Tease Each Other About Their 'Failures' - But Agree On One Thing

5 May 2017, 02:18

'Our Parties Are Better Led By Women'

Michael Gove and Alex Salmond share some light-hearted jibes about Gove failing to secure the Tory leadership, and Alex Salmond not getting the result he campaigned for in the Scottish Independence referendum.


Former Education Secretary Michael Gove and former SNP Leader Alex Salmond teased each other about their respective 'failures'.

The pair appeared on Iain Dale and Shelagh Fogarty's Local Election special.

Michael Gove, former Education Secretary, went for the Tory leadership and lost. 

Alex Salmond, former leader of the SNP, was obviously gutted when Scotland voted to stay a part of the UK.

Gove and Salmond both teased each other about their 'failures' - but there was one thing they agreed one: their parties are better for being run by women. 

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