Mayoral Elections: Full List On Candidates

4 April 2017, 10:25

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These are the candidates standing in the Mayoral Elections across the country on 4th May 2017.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mayoral Election
UKIP: Paul Bullen             
Liberal Democrat: Rod Cantrill             
Independent: Peter Dawe             
English Democrat: Stephen Goldspink
Green: Julie Howell             
Conservative: James Palmer             
Labour: Kevin Price

Greater Manchester Mayoral Election
Conservative: Sean Anstee
Liberal Democrat: Jane Brophy
Labour: Andy Burnham
Independent: Marcus Farmer
English Democrat: Stephen Morris
UKIP: Shneur Odze
Green: Will Patterson

Liverpool City Region Mayoral Election
TUSC: Roger Bannister
Conservative: Tony Caldeira
Liberal Democrat: Carl Cashman
Green: Tom Crone
Women's Equality: Tabitha Morton
Independent: Pete Price
Labour: Steve Rotheram
UKIP: Paula Walters

Tees Valley Mayoral Election
Liberal Democrat: Chris Foote Wood
Conservative: Ben Houchen
Labour: Sue Jeffrey
North East Party: John Tait
UKIP: John Tennant

West Of England Mayoral Election
Conservative: Tim Bowles
UKIP: Aaron Foot
Green: Darren Hall
Labour: Lesley Mansell
Independent: John Savage
Liberal Democrat: Stephen Williams

West Midlands Mayoral Election
Green: James Burn
UKIP: Pete Durnell
Liberal Democrat: Beverley Nielsen
Labour: Siôn Simon
Communist: Graham Stevenson
Conservative: Andy Street

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