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Ed Vaizey Sadiq Khan Iain Dale

Tory MP Does Not Rule Out Standing Against Sadiq Khan Over Uber Ruling

4 months ago

The Foreign Secretary had appealed to James O'Brien in London's Mayoral elections

Boris Johnson Is Charming But A Massive Liar, Says James O'Brien

4 months ago

Croydon Tram Crash close-up

Croydon Tram Reopens After Fatal Crash

Ages ago

South London

Sadiq Khan Defensive

Uber, Fabric And Garden Bridge Costs: 8 Things We Learnt From Speak To Sadiq

Sadiq Khan LBC close-up Oct 16

Sadiq Fails To Answer James's Question On Met Chief 11 Times

Ages ago

Sadiq Khan Tube

Huge TfL Pay-Offs A 'Castastrophic Waste Of Public Money'

Ages ago

Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan: "Donald Trump Is Doing Work Of Isis"

Ages ago