'Give Us A Chance!' Lewis Defends Labour Re-Shuffle

8 October 2016, 09:11

'Give Them A Chance!' Clive Lewis Defends Labour Re-Shuffle

MP Clive Lewis defends Labour's newly re-shuffled shadow cabinet saying 'give them a chance.'


MP Clive Lewis defends Labour's newly re-shuffled shadow cabinet saying 'give them a chance.'

The rising star in the Labour party joined Andrew Castle to defend Corbyn's re-shuffle. Lewis was moved from defence to business - a strange move by Corbyn for a man who has served in Afghanistan.

“Do you really think that you're going to get voted for, as a party, with Emily Thornberry as shadow foreign secretary, Diane Abbott, as shadow home secretary, John McDonnell as shadow chancellor, an academic, a climate change activist Nia Griffith on defence,” asked Andrew?

“Your not going to get into power with this. I mean does that bother you?”

Clive Lewis said; “John McDonnell has been fantastic, I think on the economy. So looking about the kind of future economic policies that we want to see in this country, and lets not forget that in terms of fiscal rules, in terms of austerity and that the government was doing just six months ago, three months ago.”

“They are now u-turning and doing so much of what the Labour Party have been calling on it to do, ever since Jeremy Corbyn came to power.”

"The reality is Jeremy Corbyn has a mandate and Jeremy has formed the shadow cabinet and lets see how perform in the coming week. I think that's the least the media can do.”


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