Three Anti-Semitic Attacks On First Day Of Labour Conference

26 September 2016, 09:58

Anti-Semitism At Labour Conference


LBC can reveal there were three anti-semitic incidents on the Labour Friends Of Israel stall during the first day at the Labour Conference in Liverpool.

The stall reported the three moments on the first day of the conference in Liverpool.

Aaron Simons, on the stall at the Conference, told LBC: "A man came up to the stall and he was asking about Jewish community support for Israel, but after a couple of minutes, he turned and said 'But wasn't there a Jewish plot to oust Jeremy Corbyn?'

"I was a little bit stunned and said there was nothing Jewish about the plot, but he said 'It was Jewish MPs who organised it'.

"I told him there were over 100 MPs involved, but he added 'Wasn't it a Jewish millionnaire who took Corbyn to court?' He continued and it got a bit ridiculous. He said that Angela Eagle, who challenged Mr Corbyn, had a Jewish husband, whereas actually she is actually in a civil partnership with a non-Jewish woman.

"It was then I realised he was completely detatched from reality and I asked him to leave."

Mr Simons admitted it wasn't easy being Jewish and a Labour supporter, adding: "If there were a red line on anti-semitism, it would have been crossed months ago with Ken Livingstone.

"We want to ensure that anti-Jewish bias in the Labour Party. It's not good."

Labour MP Luciana Berger told LBC the party must do more to stop anti-semitism in the party.

Labour MP: We Must Do More To Stop Anti-Semitism


Meanwhile, LBC has learnt that Jeremy Corbyn will mention Israel by name in a speech at a Labour Friends Of Israel event tomorrow evening.

Last year, the Labour leader was criticised for not saying the word "Israel", but it is believed he will mention the nation in his speech.

He will be joined by Mark Regev, the Israeli ambassador to the UK, at the event and the pair are expected to shake hands.

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