100 Days Of Sean Spicer: Trump Spokesman's Biggest Gaffes

27 April 2017, 07:19

100 Days Of Sean Spicer Gaffes

It's been a rollercoaster first three months for President Trump's Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Here's a reminder of some the moments he'd probably rather forget.


Saturday marks the 100th day of President Trump and it's made a big star of his gaffe-prone spokesperson Sean Spicer. Here are his best/worst moments.

From claiming "alternative facts" about the size of Trump's inauguration crowd to getting the name of the Canadian president wrong, Spicer rarely goes a few days without kicking off a media storm.

More than once, he talked about the President trying to "destabilise" the Middle East.

And he even entirely invented a terrorist attack, regularly speaking about an attack on Atlanta that never actually happened.

Watch this hilarious clip showing his best ever moments.

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