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Friday 26th August 2016
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Prescott Just Made Tea For Blair, Says Clegg

Wednesday 28th February 2013

Nick Clegg came out fighting when John Prescott asked him a question over his special advisors on Call Clegg.

Labour's former Deputy Prime Minister tweeted LBC 97.3 saying: "Can you ask Clegg why as DPM he has 15 special advisors costing £1m when I only had 2. Even Jesus capped it at 12."

But the current Deputy PM insisted that Mr Prescott's job amounted to no more than making tea for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to keep them happy!

Mr Clegg told LBC 97.3: "I'm not only Deputy Prime Minister, but unlike you John, Iím also the leader of one of the coalition parties, and a coalition is different to the government you were in.

"It does require quite a lot of extra work to make sure that the two parties in a coalition work together in the national interests.

"John Prescott spent all his time basically negotiating between two individuals who were at war with each, which was Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. I donít think he needed very many special advisers. He probably just had to make lots of cups of tea to try and create peace between the two men.

"I have to try and make sure that the two Parties govern together in the national interests across every single area of policy across government.:"