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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Professor Brian Cox's Wife: I Punched Burglar In Face

Wednesday 2nd July 2014

The wife of celebrity scientist Professor Brian Cox has been describing the moment she punched a burglar in the face after finding him in her London home.

Professor Brian Cox

TV presenter and writer Gia Milinovich wrote in a blog post entitled 'I Punch First' how the incident on 22nd May happened while she was alone in the house with her five year old son.

"At just after 5 the next morning, I heard one of our cats jump down from my little sonís bed in his room right next to mine.," she described. "My son happened to be in bed with me as Brian was away for the night."

She admits she initially thought it could be her other son, who is 17, either returning or sneaking someone out of the house.

"Heíd never done anything like this before, but I was livid," she continued.

"I got up and went to shout at him. I walked out of my room, turned right, looked into my little sonís room and there was a strange man standing there."

Gia admits that the boxing training she has done is the reason she reacted the way she did.

"I had no idea if that man was armed, if he would try and attack me, if he would try and rape me, if he would try and kill me. Life or death stuff. I wasnít going to wait to find out.

"I punched first."

She describes how the intruder then ran out of the house and she contacted police who used CCTV to identify the man, who has since been sentenced to eight months in prison.

Gia goes on to say she doesn't believe other women should react the way she did unless they have some form of self-defence trainng however she does recommend self-defence or boxing classes.