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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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Protestors Scale Central London Landmark

Tuesday 12th August 2014

A group of protestors have scaled Apsley House in Hyde Park in central London.

Aspley House Protest. Picture: John Seto (@john_seto)

Picture: John Seto (@john_seto)

Police say they were called just before 7am this morning.

They have unfurled a banner saying they are from the campaign group New Fathers for Justice.

Officers have cordoned off part of Hyde Park.

The group - made up of five men and a woman -  say they plan to stay up there for more than a day.

In a statement, the protestors said that they were "responsible protestors" and had taken precaustions to prevent any damage to the building.

"Our attitude and policy are of respect and sensitivity to the structures being scaled," it reads.

"We intend to peacefully protest for more than one day and have ample supplies, however we are concerned about authorities exceeding due regard for safety if they attempt to apprehend us, end our protest or interfere with us or our equipment in any way. When the protest is over, we will come back to ground level using our own equipment and taking everything with us to be available to the authorities to apprehend then if they wish to.

"If any attempt is made to apprehend us prior to when we are ready to come down, we will resist. Attempts to apprehend us at these heights would make our position precarious and vulnerable.

"We urge the authorities not to conduct any act which may compromise our safety "