Nigel Farage relfects on the latest terror attack to hit Europe.

Nigel Farage: Terrorism Is Changing The Way We ALL Live Our Lives

1 day ago

Iain Dale lays down what Britian's immigration policy should look like after Brexit.

This Is What Britain’s Post-Brexit Immigration System Should Look Like - Iain Dale

1 day ago

Nigel Farage

The Nigel Farage Show: Watch In Full

1 day ago

Maajid Nawaz said Sarah Champion was right

Sarah Champion Is Right, UK DOES Have A Problem With Pakistanis Raping White Girls: Maajid Nawaz

1 day ago

Jeremy Corbyn laughs as he stays dry under an umbrella

"He Says He Wants A Fairer System": Labour MP Chides Jeremy Corbyn Over Umbrella

1 day ago

Nick Ferrari couldn't stop laughing as he discussed A-Level results

Nick Ferrari's Rant About Lowering A-Level Pass Marks Is HILARIOUS

1 day ago

Ian Collins

Ian Collins: Stop Calling Everyone Nazis

1 day ago

Nigel Farage slams anti-fascist protesters.

Nigel Farage Slams “Unpleasant And Violent” Anti-Fascist Activists

2 days ago