Reckless Lorry Driver Gets Stuck On Level Crossing After Crashing Into Barriers

21 September 2017, 17:14

A reckless lorry driver who got stuck on a level crossing after driving across as the barriers came down has been jailed.

Tencho Hristov, of Pelham Road, Lincolnshire, was sentenced to eight months after the shocking incident at Roydon station in Essex back in June.

The 30-year-old ignored the flashing lights which indicate the barriers were lowering as he approached the level crossing at about 10:45am.

The barrier then closed in front of him, leaving the driver’s cab and the trailer dangerously blocking the train tracks.

Hristov jumped out of his cab and then walked around the vehicle for three minutes, failing to alert the emergency services to a potentially impending disaster.

Eventually, he returned to his vehicle and drove forward, causing £23,000 worth damage to the barriers.

He drove away from the area and did not report the incident to police.

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