Alex Salmond

Salmond On Sunday: Latest Clips

Henry Bolton

UKIP Leader Henry Bolton Loses No Confidence Vote. What Happens Now?

alex and eu flag

Lord Kerr, Author Of Article 50, Predicts Second EU Referendum For Autumn

Salmond and Woolfe

Steven Woolfe: UKIP Texts Row Is ‘Beginning Of The End’ For Bolton

Brian Cox

Hollywood Actor Brian Cox Brands Trump A “Screaming Narcissist”

Minimum alcohol pricing has been introduced in Scotland

Alex Salmond: Why Minimum Alcohol Pricing Is Vital To Britain

Alex Salmond said it was time England caught up with Scotland

"I Abolished Tuition Fees 10 Years Ago, It's Time England Caught Up"

Alex Salmond spoke to Sian Griffiths

Alex Salmond Dismantles Every Argument For Tuition Fees

Alex Salmond slammed the EU's "guilty silence"

Alex Salmond Hammers The EU's "Guilty Silence" Over Catalonia Violence

Alex Salmond said he would have pursued an unofficial independence referendum

Alex Salmond Says If David Cameron Had Tried To Stop IndyRef, He Would've Held An Unofficial Referendum Anyway

Alex Salmond spoke to Lord Heseltine

Lord Heseltine Insists Theresa May Must Sack Boris Johnson

The LBC presenter thought it was just common sense to retain EU citizenship

Alex Salmond Says If He Could Apply For An Irish Passport, He Would

Alex Salmond's new show, Salmond on Sunday, runs on Sundays 3-6pm only on LBC

Security Expert Warns Alex Salmond Terror Attacks Will Happen In The UK "Again And Again And Again"

Alex Salmond, LBC's newest presenter

Meet LBC's New Sunday Presenter: Alex Salmond

Salmond and Trump

Alex Salmond Was Not Amused By Caller Who Said Donald Trump Doing "Amazing Job"

Alex Salmond

Tory MP Insists The UK Is "Checking Out And Leaving" EU

Alex Salmond Polls

Salmond Really Doesn't Like Iain Telling Him About Independence Polls