Cyclists Prosecuting Drivers? "Give Me A break" Says Andrew

17 December 2016, 09:38

Andrew Castle says 'give me a break'

Cycling UK have offered to pay the defence costs of a cyclist who was 'doored' by Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, but Andrew Castle isn't happy.

"Give Me A Break" Says Andrew On Cyclists' Private Prosecution

Cycling groups are seeking to encourage prosecution of those who 'door' cyclists.



Cyclist Jaiqi Liu was knocked over after the minister opened the door of his ministerial car in traffic.

Grayling stopped to help the cyclist but left the scene 90 seconds later. 

Cycling groups have called for the minister to be investigated, but Liu, who did not know who Grayling was at the time, has said he does not wish to discuss the incident further. 

Andrew wasn't shy about giving his opinion on the subject: "I don't think he's acted badly there. He opened the door wrongly, but a private prosecution? Give me a break.

"I have been hit by a cyclist in London going up the inside lane too fast, didn't see me on the zebra crossing, and hit me. I shouted at him, swore at him, and then we went on our way. That's the way to go about it, not a private prosecution." 

Watch the original clip here.

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